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Simply Brass for Trombone with CD

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Simply Brass for Trombone with CD
by Douglas Coombes
Grade: beginner—easy

* For the individual and group
* Contains many pieces which combine for the ensemble.
* Includes chord symbols and percussion line accompaniments.
* Offers scope for ear training, improvisation, composition and group activity.
Whether through economic necessity or choice, the trend is towards teaching young beginner instrumentalists in groups, often of mixed abilities, ages and phases of development, and the joy of this book is that there is something stimulating and yet achievable at every stage.
The preparation of Simply Brass has been a co-operative venture involving continuous consultation and monitoring. This venture has combined the skills, acquired knowledge and ideas of a number of highly experienced, successful brass teachers and band directors and Douglas Coombes, a composer and educator of extraordinary resourcefulness with an undaunted ability to be prolific and innovative with a very small range of notes!

"... just what the name says - it is simple (and fun) and it is for brass.... The layout of this book is good .... Simply Brass takes the player step-by-step introducing them to their brass instrument. It continually reinforces what the player has learnt in previous lessons .... One of the book's strengths is that it almost immediately gets the player to improvise on their own and to duet, with both players of their own or slightly advanced level....A great asset for primary school brass teachers."
Reviewed 'The Trombonist'

The CD provides backing tracks for 75 of the pieces.

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